I am an NSF postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University.

In Fall 2023, I am teaching MAT 175: Math Economics/Life Sciences. I taught MAT 378: Theory of Games in Spring 2022 and MAT 104: Calculus II in Fall 2022.

See here for information on the Princeton combinatorics learning seminar.

My research interests are extremal, probabilistic, and algebraic combinatorics, especially Ramsey theory, graph coloring, additive combinatorics, discrete geometry, and coding theory, with applications to computer science.

I received my PhD in mathematics from Stanford University in 2021, where my advisor was Jacob Fox.

You can find my CV here. I blog about life, research, and rationality at my personal blog; most of my better posts can also be found cross-posted on LessWrong.

Contact: xiaoyuh [at] princeton [dot] edu

Office: Fine Hall 102